WordPress Reference Guide

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Here’s a guide about how to navigate WordPress to update the website.

Add New Posts/Sermons

To add a new post, such as a sermon, start at the main menu on the left (which has sections like Publish, Personalize, and Configure). Next to Blog Posts, click “add.”

On the left, click “Categories and Tags,” and select the appropriate category for the post. A post in the “Sermons” category will show up on the Sermons page, because that page displays all “Sermon” category posts.

All categories have their own category page by default (“…org/category/ [category name] “), but at the moment only the Sermons category page is listed in the menu.

Because there is a limited amount of data we can host on the website, it’s advisable to copy and paste a sermon into a post, rather than upload a PDF.

Add/Edit a Page

To add a page, click “Add” next to pages.

New pages won’t show up automatically in the menu. To add a page to the menu, click “Menus” from the main menu. Click a plus button next to an existing menu item. This will let you add a new menu item either next to it, or as its child (children are the pages on a drop-down menu).

Select the new page that you created, click OK, and click save. The new page is part of the menu.