Prayer is at the heart of who we are and what we do as a community— and there are many ways to pray! Our primary worship of the week takes place on Sunday mornings in our beautifully renovated sanctuary:

Sunday, Holy Eucharist, 10 am  – full of music and joyful community.

And there are three other weekly services:

Healing Prayer, Wednesdays, 12 pm in our library – intimate Holy Eucharist, reflection and prayer service.

Morning Prayer, Thursdays at 8 am in our library

Compline, Thursdays at 6 pm in our library (as part of the weekly Benedictine Spirituality Gathering)

Our Labyrinth

St. Alban's labyrinth
Octagonal labyrinth design for St. Alban’s

Our labyrinth is always open for meditation. When pilgrims couldn’t get to Jerusalem in the Middle Ages, many devised symbolic walkways which were like a “virtual pilgrimage.” In a meditation labyrinth, one can’t get lost, but one may be tempted to leave the path, especially when it heads in surprising directions.

Walking the Labyrinth can be an entry into sacred space and time, a simple walking meditation which helps a person center and be more attuned to the presence of God.

At St. Alban’s our labyrinth is octagonal, a shape that fits in best with the setting of our church patio. This labyrinth was built many years ago by St. Alban’s parishioners.