Facility Rentals

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St. Alban’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall & Sanctuary have wonderful acoustics and both provide an excellent venue for musical and spoken word concerts, wedding receptions, fundraisers, private parties and classes.

Please contact the Parish Administrator at 510-525-1716 for information on space availability and scheduling.


Your rental price will be assessed depending on whether it qualifies as a single-event rental or a recurring-event rental. Please read the specifications for each category to see which matches your rental request.

Single-Event Rental is one event per year, OR two unrelated events by the same renter that are not part of the same rental application.

Recurring-Event Rental is for specific rooms/areas more than once a year for regularly scheduled programs or activities, such as a class. This is based on the type of event, not the renter. For example, a concert scheduled by the same person a week after they have already booked the parish hall for a birthday party will not qualify for recurring use rates.

If you have two or more events you would like to schedule, you must include them in the same application to qualify for the recurring use rates. Dates that have been booked may still be changed at the renter’s preference, dependent on the church availability. A 10% discount will be applied to recurring rentals.
If you are booking an event longer than our standard 4-hour rental, you will be charged by both block rates and hourly rates, as shown in these examples:

For a 10-hr event: Two 4-hr block rates and two hourly rates

For a 7-hr event: One 4-hr block rate and three hourly rates

Rental Rates:


Single-Use: Hourly Rate

Single Event:
4 Hour Rental

Hourly Rate after
4 Hours

Church Sanctuary
(1600 ft2)

Seats 150




Parish Hall (1320 ft2)

Seats 120




Kitchen Moderate Use
(220 ft2)




Kitchen Full Use




Library (288 ft2)




Youth Room
(320 ft2)

Not Currently Available

Childcare Rooms
(Nursery, Godly Play Room)

Not Currently Available

Office space is also available from time to time.  Please call for availability and pricing.

The Sanctuary holds a maximum of 155 people.

The Parish Hall holds a maximum of 120 people.  There is one Steinway baby grand piano on a dolly, which may be used only by prior agreement. There is also a small stage, a drop-down projection screen, and a small portable microphone/speaker.

 The Kitchen is attached to the Parish Hall, and use of the kitchen is defined by the following:

  • Limited Use of the kitchen is included in the rental fee only as a staging area for the caterer or renter.  Includes use of the cooler, freezer and microwave. Limited use does not include cooking or use of our kitchen items, including serving dishes and/or utensils.
  • Moderate Use of the kitchen includes everything in the “limited use” as well as use of the oven or stovetop to warm already cooked foods and use of our serving dishes and utensils.
  • Full Use of the kitchen includes everything in the “moderate use,” as well as use the kitchen to actually prepare, cook, and serve food to guests.  Full Use is only available in conjunction with rental of the Parish Hall.

The Library holds up to 25 people, and is suitable for small groups or classes.

The Youth Room is downstairs (not accessible by lift) and holds about 15-20 people. Due to construction, it is not currently available for rent.

Every rental must provide insurance, naming St. Alban’s and the Episcopal Diocese of California as additionally insured parties for up to at least $1 million dollars in coverage. This is standard insurance coverage for events. If you are a homeowner or have renter’s insurance, you may be able to get a rider on your existing policy to cover your event. You can also visit theeventhelper.com, a website that provides one-time event insurance. This website is used frequently by our renters. If you have questions about insurance, or feel that you may not be able to provide it, please contact the office for more details.

Deposits & Fees:

$ 100 Rental Deposit holds your date and is due upon signing the rental agreement.  The balance is due two weeks prior to your event. Cancellations made less than 2 weeks in advance will forfeit the $100 deposit.

A refundable Damage Deposit of $100 is also required at the time of reservation.


Each rental group is responsible for setting up and taking down any tables and chairs used for the event.  Please reset the room the way that you found it unless asked to do otherwise.

As good earth stewards, we encourage the use of compostable materials and containers that can be recycled.  To that end, we provide a compost container (for food scraps and compostable paper goods) and a recycle bin in the kitchen.  These items may be placed in the appropriate containers behind the church at the end of your event.  We do not have a dumpster that can accommodate trash generated by an event.  Therefore, anything that cannot be composted or recycled is to be removed by the rental group or individual.

Please call the office at 510-525-1716, or email us at info@st-albans-albany.org, for more facility rental information!